Fatherhood Postcard 4-Pack Set

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Spiritual Jedi | Malchizadek | Thanks For Killing All Those Spiders | Bonus Dad


Whether biological or spiritual, fathers build around us a domestic seminary. A father teaches us what it means to work, to rest, to live. He shows us what it means to trust, to sacrifice, to love. Through him, we learn what family is all about, and that under the care of another Father, our family is one small part of a much larger one. Praying over us simple, powerful prayers, a father calls us back to our deepest identity, to the truth of who we are. Sometimes fatherhood can be messy, complicated and broken. Sometimes it is absent and we have to seek it out in unlikely places. But like the outstretched arms of St. Peter’s Basilica, a father is always reaching out, calling us back to safe harbor. He is a shining light, guiding us home.

Whether it's your biological dad, or the spiritual father that's taken you under his wing, or your parish priest who's been like a part of your family - these postcards cover all your bases to celebrate the Father in your life! 


Handcrafted & designed with love and printed right here in the USA 4x6 postcard print set (4 postcards included). Your print is packaged with a backing board and shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer.