Motherhood Story 8x10 Print

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A mother creates. Within her very body, a mother takes part in God’s act of creation by forming something new. But whether that act of creation happens within her womb, her mind or her heart, that act of creation is no less noble. No less real.No less breathtakingly beautiful. The natural mothers, adoptive mothers, mothers-in-law, stepmothers and spiritual mothers. The “second-moms” who come in the form of extended family members, next-door neighbors and teachers. The mothers of new ideas and bold art. All mothers are creators. A mother nurtures. She encourages and cares for the growth of her child. She is the light, water and air that cultivates a seed into a sunflower. She smiles through the tears as her child learns the value of a mistake made and a lesson learned. She cheers as her child succeeds, accomplishing the great things she knew they always could. All mothers are nurturers. A mother loves. Sometimes that love is sugar sweet and sometimes it sits you down to eat your vegetables. That love can cuddle, prod or prickle, but it is always giving all it has, all for the one who receives it. Through laughter and tears, yelling and heartbreak, this remains forever true: a mother’s love is eternal. Like a cathedral, a mother is radiantly beautiful and inspires awe because of the glorious love she holds within her.


Handcrafted & designed with love and printed right here in the USA, this 8×10 print is packaged with a backing board and shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer.